​​​​​​​A bit about me…
I have always been interested in why people do what they do. My interest in customer behaviour led me to study marketing communication, where a large portion of time was dedicated to psychology and understanding users.
In 2014 I had an opportunity to work as a customer support agent where I learned more about customer needs and struggles. This experience helped me empathise with users and motivated me to improve their experience. I worked as a Customer insight analyst from 2015 to 2020 – I use data to gain insights about users to optimise their online experience and remove pain points.
But data can only tell a part of the user story. I decided to pivot my career and help solving customer problems using design and research. I graduated from innovative Graphic design course at Shillington in July 2019. I learned how to apply design thinking to develop, test, evaluate and implement visual outcomes.
So here I am, happy to help you reach your customers thought design solutions.  
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