UX Researcher, Designer 

UsabilityHub, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator

My goal was to promote a SIM only deal in a way that would connect with the target audience, which in this case was newly retired people. 
My task was to design a landing page and also to validate whether users could complete one of the primary goals on the landing page - calculate how much would the deal cost.

I researched users, looked at what kind of brands they buy and how they spend their free time. Based on my findings, my goal was to create design that is straightforward and easy to digest. There were also some design challenges I had to keep in mind, like bigger font sizes, larger clickable areas and good contrast.
I started the design process with wireframes to test multiple layouts. My goal was to show one message at the time as I didn't want to overwhelm users. Once I was happy with the layout I created a high fidelity prototype and tested it in UsabilityHub. 
I conducted a first click test using UsabilityHub. The aim of first click testing is to verify that the first click a user makes on an interface to carry out a given task is clear and easy. My test had 20 participants, age over 65.

Seventy-five percent of participants completed the task successfully and I gathered ideas for next iteration. 

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