Create a brand identity for a new multipurpose events and conference complex based in Hoi An, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, to evoke the exciting possibilities the venue can offer. The venue should become a cultural and business hub in the area, so the new identity needs to be flexible, and work across a broad range of collateral. 
Hoi An is a very special place. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site recognised as a well-preserved example of a trading port.  
It is a lovely town with traditional architecture and lantern-lit streets that hasn’t changed a lot in the last decades. Zaha Hadid’s architectural style is the complete opposite – bold, fluid, modern and asking for your attention. 
This unique and unexpected combination was what I wanted to bring to the brand identity concept. I joined the right angled streets of Hoi An with the fluid and organic shapes of Zaha Hadid’s buildings. You can see it in the way text behaves in visual communication. 
Feelings translated to this brand were "unexpected", "noticeable" and "versatile".

Research (location, architects, venue), Competitor research, Personas, Unique selling points, Brand strategy, Name creation, Logo, Visual communication.

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