Create logo, web and packaging for a network and data provider. Target audience is newly retired people. 
My response 
I loved working on this project. The main goal was to promote a SIM only deal in a way that would connect with the target audience. I researched users, created personas, looked at what kind of brands they buy (this had influence on logo design), how they spent free time and what their main goals are. One of the strongest goals was to stay connected with close family. Based on the learning that newly retired people might be avoiding modern technologies and sometimes ask younger generations for help, I wanted my design to be easy to digest, straightforward and trustworthy. I created a concept of ‘Hassle free way to keep in touch’.
There were certain design challenges I had to keep in mind, like bigger fornt size. larger clickable areas and good contrast.​​​​​​​
I conducted a user testing using UsabilityHub where I gave a task to 20 users (age over 65) and 75% of them had completed it successfully. As next steps, I would implement learning from this testing. 
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